Stop Panicking About Millennials, Gen Z, and Porn

Young people lead healthier and safer sex lives than ever before. But people still claim porn is turning them into degenerates.

In a new Buzzfeed article, Feminist for Liberty co-founder Elizabeth Nolan Brown explores how “evidence-free freakouts over erotica are a time-honored tradition.” But as with fears about “pornographic” French novels in the 1890s and consternation over cable-TV porn in the 1980s, today’s porn prohibitionists are more moral panic than anything. There’s no evidence that internet porn has been destroying millennials — some of whom now have two decades of post-high-school (and first-porn-viewing) data to offer.

Read the whole thing here. Brown also talked with Fox News correspondent Ellison Barber recently about state legislatures declaring porn a “public health crisis”:

I was on @foxnewsnight last night talking to @ellisonbarber about porn being a “public health crisis.” Check it out:— Elizabeth Nolan Brown (@ENBrown) February 20, 2018