Happy International Women’s Day!

Feminist for Liberty’s Kat Murti will be hosting an International Women’s Day discussion at the Cato Institute today, alongside Chelsea Follett and Gui Sutter Schneider. The panel runs from 4-5 p.m. this afternoon; check it out online here: https://www.cato.org/events/international-womens-day-catodigital-free-women-free-markets-free-world What is the state of global gender equality? How free are women around the world today? … Read moreHappy International Women’s Day!

Stop Panicking About Millennials, Gen Z, and Porn

Young people lead healthier and safer sex lives than ever before. But people still claim porn is turning them into degenerates. In a new Buzzfeed article, Feminist for Liberty co-founder Elizabeth Nolan Brown explores how “evidence-free freakouts over erotica are a time-honored tradition.” But as with fears about “pornographic” French novels in the 1890s and … Read moreStop Panicking About Millennials, Gen Z, and Porn

Feminists for Liberty at the 2018 Women’s March

We showed up to represent a libertarian feminist perspective at the D.C. Women’s March this January, joined by friends from the Ladies of Liberty Alliance and the D.C. Libertarian Party. It was a nice opportunity to talk to people outside of our ideological inner-circles–both other marchers and members of the media–about our ideas. Check out … Read moreFeminists for Liberty at the 2018 Women’s March

‘Porn Is Speech, and Speech Is Constitutionally Protected’

Apparently not wanting to regulate porn as a “public health crisis” is now a right-leaning position? Here’s how WUSA9 wrote up an interview with Cathy Reisenwitz about the subject: “Not everything that can be harmful should be legislated,” said Cathy Reisenwitz, Co-found of Feminists for Liberty. She leans a little more to the right. “Pornography … Read more‘Porn Is Speech, and Speech Is Constitutionally Protected’

Introductory Post From Cathy Reisenwitz

By: Cathy Reisenwitz “Feminism and libertarianism are fundamentally incompatible.” Too many feminists and libertarians buy into this lie, to the detriment of both. Liz, Kat, and I created Feminists for Liberty to demolish this myth once and for all. Or, to at least have something to point to showing that no, not all libertarians are … Read moreIntroductory Post From Cathy Reisenwitz

Notes From Our First Meeting

Who we are: Free-marketers. Free-thinkers. Pro-choice (in all things) Anti-carceral Big-tent MISSION Feminists for liberty aims to lead a new wave of an old idea: people should be treated equally under the law regardless of sex or gender (identity). We want to be a hub for a broad coalition of people devoted to the destruction … Read moreNotes From Our First Meeting