‘Porn Is Speech, and Speech Is Constitutionally Protected’

Apparently not wanting to regulate porn as a “public health crisis” is now a right-leaning position? Here’s how WUSA9 wrote up an interview with Cathy Reisenwitz about the subject:

“Not everything that can be harmful should be legislated,” said Cathy Reisenwitz, Co-found of Feminists for Liberty. She leans a little more to the right.

“Pornography is kind of like sugar. Everyone consumes it. It’s not great for you in large quantities and you have a right to use it,” she added. “The big difference between porn and sugar is that your right to produce and consume sugar is not protected by the Constitution. Porn is speech and speech is constitutionally protected.”

Watch or read the whole thing here.

1 thought on “‘Porn Is Speech, and Speech Is Constitutionally Protected’

  1. That’s pretty dishonest framing within the blog post, claiming that the article says that being anti-censorship is a right-leaning point when the proposal was by social conservative Republican (a group that, last I checked, was widely regarded as right-leaning).

    The anti-porn/anti-censorship divide does not neatly align with Left and Right, instead splitting both groups. Happily, free speech appears to command majority support in both camps.

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