Introductory Post From Cathy Reisenwitz

By: Cathy Reisenwitz “Feminism and libertarianism are fundamentally incompatible.” Too many feminists and libertarians buy into this lie, to the detriment of both. Liz, Kat, and I created Feminists for Liberty to demolish this myth once and for all. Or, to at least have something to point to showing that no, not all libertarians are … Read moreIntroductory Post From Cathy Reisenwitz

Notes From Our First Meeting

Who we are: Free-marketers. Free-thinkers. Pro-choice (in all things) Anti-carceral Big-tent MISSION Feminists for liberty aims to lead a new wave of an old idea: people should be treated equally under the law regardless of sex or gender (identity). We want to be a hub for a broad coalition of people devoted to the destruction … Read moreNotes From Our First Meeting