Introductory Post From Cathy Reisenwitz

By: Cathy Reisenwitz

“Feminism and libertarianism are fundamentally incompatible.”

Too many feminists and libertarians buy into this lie, to the detriment of both. Liz, Kat, and I created Feminists for Liberty to demolish this myth once and for all. Or, to at least have something to point to showing that no, not all libertarians are misogynistic pigs, and not all feminists are pinko commies. Most of them, maybe. But not all.

The future of any movement belongs to the ones willing to show up and do the work. We’ve each spent years complaining from our corner of liberty about how the average libertarian treats women and women’s lib. And we’ve all been purged from feminism for daring speak the name of Milton Friedman or Friedrich Hayek.

Together, we’re creating a “safe space” for heterodoxy. We’re tearing down sacred cows on the left, right, and fringes. Yes, we love markets. Yes, we love men. Yes, we have mixed feelings about the gender binary. And yes, we’re feminists too. In fact, we think we represent “real” feminism. Pro-market, pro-male, pro-growth, and unabashedly, unapologetically, and uncompromisingly free. We are pro-choice, in every sense of the word.

Practically speaking, we’re a media organization. We’re aggregating links, providing commentary, and being the girls (and boys) you go to when you want an intersectional, sex-positive, free-market feminist perspective. We give speeches and interviews. We write blogs and newsletters. And we organize events.

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